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Almost time!

Greetings from just a few days away from the 2011 trip to Santa Cruz with my family! I'm getting super excited about this trip mostly because I don't have to drive and I get to totally relax without any worries :D Hopefully this will be a drama free vacation... one can dream can't they :P

I have some books that need reading and some songs that need writing... I will be working on a blues piece for Jessica for her new book that she's writing.

I fly out to Seattle Sunday morning and meet up with DJ from there we fly together to San Jose where our parents pick us up and then we head over the hill to Santa Cruz.



At long last there is a new trip in the works. This time it will just be me and my family. It will mark the first Munro Family Vacation since 1992! It will also be the first time since 92 that we were all at Seabright. I'm going to make a few changes to the blog as it is no longer just Girls in Santa Cruz.

I'm going to give access to the blog to my family if they would like to post their adventures which I hope that they do. I've had so much fun in the past blogging from here and I think that they will too or at least my mom will.

Any who, my brother and I already have our plane tickets booked and paid for so now it's just showing up on time and bags packed!

May 15 - 22 Santa Cruz 2011 here come the Munros!

Day 13: The final countdown...

So we left the beach house today with little fanfare and a seagull that somehow reminded us of Kirus. I'll be missing it, in a way. It's a nice place to vacation, and it's a very pretty city, but I can feel how crowded it is more keenly than in Kelowna. So, in short, happy to be heading home.

Anyway, I promised you a tour of the house way back, so here...Collapse )

And, of course, the trip today...Collapse )

Day 12: Not much to say...

Tonight is our last night here on the beach... Tomorrow morning (sometime...) we'll be on our way back to Canada, so we spent most of the day just sitting in the sun and doing some cleaning.

It's been fun! Lots of stuff was done, lots of relaxing was to be had, we haven't killed each other yet (and it's doubtful we'll get there, even though all three of us are at or just passed the moody part of the month....) but i'm really ready to come home now. :3

Nothing more to see here,

Cheers guys!



There were a number of options for the day 11 tagline, but Carmen hit it on the nail with the general screaming. See, today we actually went to the boardwalk. Yeah... Sam... you know what I'm talking about. ^_-

But lets back up a bit, shall we?Collapse )

I decided to sleep last night instead of post, so this is a bit late. :3 One of the things I had been really looking forward to on this trip came up yesterday, and I at least had a whole pile of fun.

Though I can't stop apologising to Clara and Carmen about the cold...Collapse )




To tell it in a short way... today we went to see trees and go on a train.

Of course, there's always a bit more to the story...Collapse )
There's this log down on the beach that has been smoking for two days now. Every once in a while we get the smell of burning. It's not unpleasant... just smokey.

The sunburn has receded somewhat... It's just in my armpits that it's bad. I have armpit burn. D: As such, Clara ordered me to stay out of the sun, so I did. We forewent the Redwoods and took today as another chill day...

At least until I ran out of books... again...Collapse )

Day 7: The sunscreen! It does nothing!

No pictures today. I mean... I could take pictures of my sunburn, but you don't want to see it (besides, tomorrow there will be pictures enough, and I'm sure to still be a nice pink color.)

We sat and read all day today. It was brilliant. I didn't wake up until the cement truck started doing it's thing, and managed to do a load of laundry. The fog cleared off toward the afternoon, but since I got such a late start, that was perfect. The only time we left the house today was to resupply, and that was just fine with us since it meant bbq and more lemonade (I was running low. WOE!)

Carmen sat in her reading spot in the living room, and Clara and I donned the lotion and occupied the middle deck. That 's where I slow roasted over the rest of the day despite suntan lotion. I'm looking pointedly at you here, mom. At least I know there will be a nice tan under this somewhere. *l*

I jokingly mentioned earlier that Day 7 should just consist of book reviews. Carmen's read through two (I think? It could be three...), I'm almost through my third, and Clara's almost done her second. At least I'm reading a new series I like.

Anyway, I'll head off. Tomorrow will be more entertaining (It's looking like Redwoods and Steam Train!). I have more Aloe to slather on, anyway.




Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday, but we got back late and everyone decided to go pass out. :D good times. Hopefully I got it up in a timely manner.

The fog was thick yesterday morning, which was perfect, because we were going to Monterey to see the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The drive is comparable to the drive between Vernon and Kelowna, and the city itself is like driving around the Cannery area of Victoria. The water also shifts from beaches to Kelp forests (at least where we were) so it was Not A Good Kate Place. :D

But I'm getting ahead of myself...Collapse )


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